Cisco Data Center Security: Taking the Next Step in Business Information Safety

As technology has advanced, information can be found everywhere as it travels fast and in various mediums. People manage a large majority of their personal data online. Companies must provide Internet conveniences which were not always a part of doing business. Every company has a web site, handles web transactions, stores large amounts of customer information, and relies on many forms of technology to operate successfully each day. With these business advances comes the increasing responsibility of meeting customer demands and keeping their trust. A secure data center is growing in importance as companies process larger amounts of information. Network hardware providers such as Cisco have recognized this growing need. Products are being continually updated to match the security requirements of these business systems.

The new technology age has also unearthed complications along with the many benefits people utilize through doing business online. Viruses are a threat to every desktop, server, and business computer system. They can take down the entire system in a matter of minutes causing loss of information as well as security breaches. Hackers are constantly trying to gain access into business systems to obtain personal customer information such as financial information. System obtrusions can result in customer identify theft or access to sensitive company information. Cisco data center security helps companies prevent attacks from viruses, firewall obtrusions, and other threats. Many offered products provide multiple features designed to reduce the chances of customer data being compromised.

How Has Cisco Enhanced Network Safety?

The business data center has become a prime objective for individuals who desire to gain or destroy sensitive information. Cisco has integrated many solutions to attempt reduce the risk of a system being attacked. The key is a more counteractive systems approach where threats are controlled, data loss is prevented, and compliance standards are easier to meet. Their solutions are designed to allow for faster deployment of data center technologies while at the same time not compromising threat detection or enforcement of company policies.

Many providers are improving their products to accomplish these same goals. Cisco has included full network visibility, easier policy management, and proactive protection methods. Their Security Intelligence Operations include a firewall, methods for preventing intruders, securing content, and central management of policies. To avoid information reaching the wrong hands when being passed between multiple sites, they have added what is called data leakage protection. Services assist in preventing loss over the Internet as well as protection of backup storage devices. Cisco data center security services also offer further protection of consumer credit card information. Designs are PCI compliant and solutions ensure all connections are secure.

Data security should be a goal of every company. Cisco has many products designed to increase the safety of every piece of data passing through a network. Of course, they are not the only provider stepping up to the challenges of innovative technology. Any company wanting to increase the reliability of their system should always weigh the advantages of each available component on the market. Data loss prevention, intrusion reduction, and policy enforcement must be deciding factors when selecting these components.

The Benefits of a Data Center to Corporations

A data center can be a beneficial with its wide variety benefits that one can have. Majority of centers keep an environmental system using air conditioning to keep the major systems nice and cool, making sure these critical systems don’t overheat. With the regulation to the temperature, the facilities also get kept dust free. Making sure that there is no overheating, or any electrical malfunctions due to environmental affects, centers have become trusting facilities to take your business ventures to.

With a data center you will also get security features, in which there will most likely be restricted access to main center. Every day out of the week, the center will be monitored twenty four hours to by said centers qualified personnel in order to maintain security for the building. With security for the building, your servers will also end up with firewall protections, as well as others to make sure the servers are not attacked from any outside source. Centers treat security as a top priority, ensuring that their clientele can place their trust and in most cases, their livelihood in the fact that their business in this case, will not be attacked and halted due to any form of security breach.

Also in the events of any problems in which something may happen inside the data center, your information will most likely end up on a backup server. If a problem arises whether on the centers end, or perhaps your end, you can ensure that your past information will be stored for you to roll back and get your server up and running again. With an information backup, you can also look to these data centers to ensure that there is also a backup power supply in case the centers location ends up losing power, you can look to find that certain centers will take extra precautions to make sure your server will keep up and running without a hitch.

Data centers make sure that their clientele can put forth trust in letting them handle everything on their end. With the amount of detail in controlling the facilities environment with cooling as well as eliminating any type of environmental problems, to making sure the security is a primary focus, as well as making sure the servers avoid going down or losing information, this all gives centers a major plus in placing it in their hands instead of clients running their own type of information center on their own.

Great Ways to Use a Contact Center to Build Your Business

Imagine a small business owner whose company is taking off. The phone is ringing off the hook and calls are getting ignored simply to get the business already contracted completed. Or, a company whose growth demands customer service representatives, but with no space on-site to accommodate that new division. Perhaps you could envision an advertising campaign that calls for direct response from consumers, but you have no one to interact with those response. Companies that specialize in providing contact center services are equipped and experienced at dealing with all of these situations, and more. Businesses can avoid losing valuable profits by taking advantage of these call center services.

Contact center agents can fill many roles for your company. They can be an extension of your company, performing the duties of salesmen, customer service agents, or lead generators. With the advent of technology, agents can communicate with customers and potential clients over the phone and on the internet. Most of these services look like a large facility filled with hundreds of contact stations, where employees answer phones and respond on the internet to those contacting your company. Some run very effective software that allows you to keep track, almost in real time, of call agent productivity and customer responses. This software also helps to route calls to the agents who have the most appropriate skill level for the consumer’s needs.

These trained professionals can help find out customer needs that are not being met through your company, allowing you to make informed changes that can boost profits. They can also offer additional services or products to current clients, expanding the profitability of your customer base. With friendly, efficient representatives, customer service calls can turn into lucrative opportunities. For example, the representatives can take care of the customers’ complaints or questions and then sincerely ask about other needs or offer a special or time-sensitive offer tailored to the consumer. Utilizing soft sell offers with trained call agents is also a great sales tactic. This is when companies offer a free trial period or something similar to generate new business.

Contact center agents can make outbound calls for your business as well. They can work to generate leads, follow up on leads, or locate decision makers for company or organizational clients. They can also serve as debt collection notification agents. There are so many ways a teleservice agency can help grow your business. Why not take advantage of them and start increasing your revenue streams today?