Great Ways to Use a Contact Center to Build Your Business

Imagine a small business owner whose company is taking off. The phone is ringing off the hook and calls are getting ignored simply to get the business already contracted completed. Or, a company whose growth demands customer service representatives, but with no space on-site to accommodate that new division. Perhaps you could envision an advertising campaign that calls for direct response from consumers, but you have no one to interact with those response. Companies that specialize in providing contact center services are equipped and experienced at dealing with all of these situations, and more. Businesses can avoid losing valuable profits by taking advantage of these call center services.

Contact center agents can fill many roles for your company. They can be an extension of your company, performing the duties of salesmen, customer service agents, or lead generators. With the advent of technology, agents can communicate with customers and potential clients over the phone and on the internet. Most of these services look like a large facility filled with hundreds of contact stations, where employees answer phones and respond on the internet to those contacting your company. Some run very effective software that allows you to keep track, almost in real time, of call agent productivity and customer responses. This software also helps to route calls to the agents who have the most appropriate skill level for the consumer’s needs.

These trained professionals can help find out customer needs that are not being met through your company, allowing you to make informed changes that can boost profits. They can also offer additional services or products to current clients, expanding the profitability of your customer base. With friendly, efficient representatives, customer service calls can turn into lucrative opportunities. For example, the representatives can take care of the customers’ complaints or questions and then sincerely ask about other needs or offer a special or time-sensitive offer tailored to the consumer. Utilizing soft sell offers with trained call agents is also a great sales tactic. This is when companies offer a free trial period or something similar to generate new business.

Contact center agents can make outbound calls for your business as well. They can work to generate leads, follow up on leads, or locate decision makers for company or organizational clients. They can also serve as debt collection notification agents. There are so many ways a teleservice agency can help grow your business. Why not take advantage of them and start increasing your revenue streams today?

Starting a Business – Get Friendly With Your Local SBDC

Are you aware of the Small Business Development Centers? They help people start small businesses with free advice and information. They also help businesses expand or curtail various growing pains. If you are not familiar with the SBDC, then I recommend that you do. Let me explain;

Indeed, I am familiar with the SBDC, as I spoke at their annual conference in 2002 in San Diego in a seminar on franchising, and I am also a co-author of Franchising 101, a project with the SBDC office out of Pittsburg and the AAFD. Not long ago, a gentleman at a local SBDC had a client come in for advice, the individual wanted to start an oil change business.

The SBDC analyst and advisor worked long hours into the night to acquaint himself with that sector, so he could give the very best advice. Me being in the mobile oil change business prior to retirement, he contacted me for additional information. Imagine an advisor like that for your business working for free going to that extreme. Can you see why the SBDC is so darn successful, and how that success can transfer into assisting your new business or your current business grow?

If you are worried about this recession and need assistance, advice or help, why not contact your local SBDC office. If you call your local chamber of commerce they can give you the phone number, or you may wish to look it up yourself in the phone book. You will not find a better service, and they also work with local economic development associations and the SCORE Counselors too. Please consider this.

How to Start a Business Information As a Unique Christmas Gift

Starting a business in no “walk in the park” for most of us. There are expenses to consider, the likely hood of success verses failure. A person has to take their time to research their idea, find out every scrap of information they possibly can about this business. In truth starting a business from scratch is a whole lot of hard work. Just when you think you have asked every possible question there is a dozen more pop up. Would it not be a unique Christmas gift to find a way to help your friend or loved one with some of that much needed information?

When searching for a business to start many of us do not have thousands and thousands of dollars in liquid assets to invest in a franchise. Today’s new business owners have had to get creative and find “real” businesses that can be operated from home. This is where the word “real” applies, there are many scammers out there trying to get your money. You will see overwhelming amounts of sites that offer to make you rich while you are lazy, asleep, in your pajamas – you name it! And get this – it will only cost you 29.00 to start your business. Get real; it is not going to happen so easily.

Creative people need to think outside the box to find a business that they can work from home. Look at service businesses especially. Mobile gyms, mobile pet care, mobile car wash, mobile windshield, mobile oil change and mobile lawnmower repair. People are starting cleaning businesses, delivery service and daycare centers in and from their own home. These businesses allow you to start and run them from your own home at a much lower cost than your typical “sticks and bricks” businesses.

Back to the unique Christmas gift, that is easy. If you know someone who is looking to start their own business but needs guidance, support and most of all information why not do a little research yourself and print it out, put it in a binder and present that as a gift? Or better yet, if you can find a “How to Start” manual that applies to the subject your friend or loved one is interested in buy it as a gift. It not only shows that you are a crafty shopper but a person who cares about their dream. It shows your support for their idea.

Just a thought…