Starting a Business – Get Friendly With Your Local SBDC

Are you aware of the Small Business Development Centers? They help people start small businesses with free advice and information. They also help businesses expand or curtail various growing pains. If you are not familiar with the SBDC, then I recommend that you do. Let me explain;

Indeed, I am familiar with the SBDC, as I spoke at their annual conference in 2002 in San Diego in a seminar on franchising, and I am also a co-author of Franchising 101, a project with the SBDC office out of Pittsburg and the AAFD. Not long ago, a gentleman at a local SBDC had a client come in for advice, the individual wanted to start an oil change business.

The SBDC analyst and advisor worked long hours into the night to acquaint himself with that sector, so he could give the very best advice. Me being in the mobile oil change business prior to retirement, he contacted me for additional information. Imagine an advisor like that for your business working for free going to that extreme. Can you see why the SBDC is so darn successful, and how that success can transfer into assisting your new business or your current business grow?

If you are worried about this recession and need assistance, advice or help, why not contact your local SBDC office. If you call your local chamber of commerce they can give you the phone number, or you may wish to look it up yourself in the phone book. You will not find a better service, and they also work with local economic development associations and the SCORE Counselors too. Please consider this.